Tori Hinkle


I have nothing but great things to say about Well Rounded. Since FB only allows 1 review, this will be a multiple 🙂 Tori Hinkle was my midwife, Emily Encinosa my doula and Rory my lactation consultant.I’ve known Emily prior to her becoming a doula and when I decided to get pregnant after decades of battling chronic illness & then healing myself holistically, Emily came back into my life as fate would have it. She recommended Tori and once I met with her, I knew I was in great hands. 

From prenatal appointments, to laboring to postpartum, they both had my back & I am so thankful for their support. This was my first child and I knew I wanted a natural home birth as it is the healthiest thing for both baby and I. Since I am over 35, I am considered ‘high-risk’ in conventional medicine, so I had an OB as well. The problem with that is that they LOVE to use fear to create outcomes that favor their wallets. Thankfully, Tori was just a text away to answer any Qs I had and keep me calm, cool & collected the entire time. Not only did I have the support I needed but I now consider Tori a dear friend. During labor, even though I wanted to give up on myself…they would not let me and Tori made sure the birth was a SAFE & SMOOTH process. For a first time mom, my birth was as cake as it could be. I will be forever grateful. 

Emily is not only a fantastic doula but a midwife in training, so has more knowledge and experience than your typical doula. Although Emily and I were friends prior, when you meet her, she is so passionate about what she does that you feel like you have known her forever. She also took the time to ease any concerns I had and was there for me any time I needed her. On the birthing day, had I not had her extra support, I really don’t think I would have followed through and stayed home. Although I did all of the things-hypnobirthing, took all the classes, read all the books etc…nothing prepares you for the intensity of laboring. I am so thankful that she had my & my family’s back. Rory is a wealth of baby knowledge and taught our prenatal baby class as well as was there for postpartum breastfeeding help…which most of us need. It really doesn’t matter how much you prepare, things happen unexpectedly. My LO latched ok, but was losing weight and when I frantically reached out to Rory, she was there the same day to help. 

Overall, WRM has a team of amazing ladies that love what they do and resources galore for your pregnancy and parenting needs. If you are considering a home birth, these ladies are your go-to support team. I could NOT have done this without you and can’t wait to do it again! Love you guys! 💚💚💚

– Christina

I had the most wonderful experience here at Well Rounded Momma. My midwife was Tori. She was a blessing to take me so late in my pregnancy. I can’t thank her and the team enough. Baby was flipping every which way up until birth. Tori eased my mind through all the stress I was feeling. She was my therapist when I needed to vent at times. This is the first time I felt heard and seen during this pregnancy( we came from another state). Being a woman of color I feel our needs/fears/ wants can get dismissed often. You can rest assure that will never happen with Tori. She took anything I said seriously. She genuinely cares for her clients. If I have a third baby I know exactly who I will be calling! We love you, Tori!

– Jordan

My entire pregnancy I didn’t feel any connection or comfortability with my OB. I dreaded every appointment. There was no reassurance, no education, no guidance, and I didn’t feel like all my concerns were addressed. I wanted more. I wanted something different and beautiful for me and my baby. So I decided to walk away from my OB at 36 weeks, seeking for a better birth plan for ME.

Throughout my pregnancy I dreamed a little of a home-birth and was curious how different could the experience with a doula or midwife would be. I browsed and found Well Rounded Mama. I decided to have a consultation with Tori Hinkle. Meeting Tori was so refreshing. Instantly she made me feel at ease, despite the early onset of a world pandemic. She corrected the errors of the OB overlooked, such as my high amniotic fluid the nurses and my OB completely missed. I felt secure and those last few weeks of my pregnancy, I felt excited and ready to become a mom thanks to Tori.

Tori was attentive to all my questions and concerns. She always made herself available. Always a phone call + text away, 24/7. This was also essential as I did not feel that same accessibility like the traditional OB for an expecting mother. Tori has been a blessing to me and my family, who has helped guide us into parenthood. I felt safe going to Tori with any problems I had, big or small, medical or personal. Although I didn’t have my dream home birth with both of my boys, Tori made the experiences more smooth and enjoyable.

Right away you can tell she loves what she does and exceeds expectations and beyond because she’s also that good at what she does. She truly is a blessing with her exceptional expertise. I can’t thank Tori enough for what she has done for my family, but for me as a mother postpartum. She not only emphasizes the important of child care but parental + individual care also. I will forever entrust Tori.


Our midwife, Tori, was a great guide through my first pregnancy! She had tons of information and additional resources if I had questions, but also respected our boundaries and trusted the decisions we made even if we didn’t have many questions. It was reassuring to have full agency over my body and how I chose to birth.


Tori has been my midwife for the past four years and I couldn’t be happier. She was with me every step of my high risk pregnancy, has been by my side through the fertility issues that followed and has been an amazing practitioner for my daughter,Penelope.  Our family would be lost without Tori and we are so thankful to have her in our lives. 


I’m so grateful that I looked into Well Rounded Momma and hired Tori Hinkle as my midwife. It was my 5th pregnancy and i was really hoping for a successful home birth after two cesareans. During my pregnancy i planned to interview multiple midwives but after meeting with Tori we knew that she was the perfect fit. She respected all of my choices and always let me make my own informed decisions. I wanted a hands-off pregnancy and birth but wanted the extra support and knowledge in the event of an emergency. Tori was extremely supportive during my pregnancy – having previous traumatic pregnancy and birth experiences she was exactly what i needed. Tori and Emily both made it to my birth and worked as the perfect team. I had an amazing water birth with a 10 pound baby and they handled everything so well. Having a 10 pound baby was not easy and Tori’s encouraging words were so calming and really helped me push through. I was so thankful to have such a skilled midwife attend my birth and if there are anymore babies in my future she’s the first person I’m calling! A huge thank you to Tori Hinkle, Emily Encinosa, and Well Rounded Momma for the amazing prenatal, labor/birth, and postpartum care. They have a true passion for what they do and it was an experience of a lifetime!


​I switched from a doctor’s office, where I had planned to have a hospital birth, to Well Rounded Momma for a home birth at 32 weeks pregnant. From the moment I called their office for an appointment, I knew that I had made the right decision. I told them I would take the next available appointment with any midwife and luckily for me, the stars aligned because that led me to Tori Hinkle.From the first appointment where my husband and I met her, we felt instant relief and reassurance about our decision. She’s educated, informative, personable, kind, understanding… I can keep going. She had an immediate, informed answer for any question or concern we had. She jumped right in and made up for lost time. She never made me feel like I was late to the game. She offered me one of her birthing tubs so I didn’t have to worry about renting one. I seriously can’t explain how in one hour, she eased 32 weeks of constant anxiousness and fear. This is my 5th baby. I had given birth in the hospital with a doctor for my first 4. My births were “normal” and fine, and I really don’t know why I felt such a strong urge to be home this time, but I am so glad I listened to my gut. Home is exactly where we needed to be.

When the time came, I sent a text to my doula and Tori. We texted back and forth a bit before she called me to feel

out where things were. I remember feeling so calm just having her on the line, and within an hour from the start of my contractions, she walked in my door. She got everything set up in my bedroom and I got out of the bathroom tub and came in to the birthing tub in my room. After a few contractions she asked me if I was comfortable in the position I was in.I hadn’t even thought of that. No. I wasn’t, but I just assumed I should be uncomfortable at this point. She recommended that I get into a more comfortable position and as soon as I did, I almost immediately started to push. This part makes me teary-eyed every time. She’s THAT good. She sensed I wasn’t comfortable and also knew I could be more comfortable. She cared. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to finally have a birth professional get to know me so well in such a short time. To pay that much attention to the state I was in and somehow just… know.Our healthy baby boy was born, caught by Tori and placed into my arms. The couple hours after he was born, of course consisted of getting me cleaned up, both baby and I checked out etc. but it just felt like we were hanging out with some of our best friends, laughing hysterically and making beautiful memories that I’ll never forget. The vibe was amazing. The whole entire thing was amazing. SHE is amazing. The aftercare was just as great. She came to our home once and we’ve had in-office visits at Well Rounded Momma since. She just makes you feel comfortable and gives you (and baby) all of her attention when you’re with her.I’ve thanked her already, but I want to do it again. THANK YOU!!

Y’all, if you need a friend, she’s a really good one. If you need a laugh, she is seriously hilarious. If you need a fantastic midwife, Tori is your girl. We’re forever grateful for the experience she gave our family. You will love her, too.


My husband and I felt overwhelmed in the beginning with all the opinions you find on the internet and with family/friends regarding having a child. We also didn’t have the time to attend multiple birthing classes but Tori was able to provide us with science based answers to our questions. I felt very comfortable having Tori be a part of the delivery process since she has the nursing background and expertise of a midwife.


I came to WRM at about 20 weeks pregnant. I had not the best hospital experience with my previous delivery and just wanted to be at home surrounded by the people I love most. Feeling in my element with no pressures to do anything I didn’t want to do. I choose Tori as my midwife. After our consultation I was a like a giddy school. My hubby and I just knew this was the right choice for us. Tori was awesome the whole time! She always answered my questions and calmed my paranoid fears. It was such a calming experience and I learned so much about my body and birth that I never learned before! I loved taking the prenatal Pilates with Emily too. She was so fun and engaging that we’d talk long after class was over. I requested her as my birthing assistant. I felt at home with everyone at WRM. The day of my birth I woke up and just knew it was the day. I felt so blessed to be experiencing this whole thing, every contraction, every discomfort. It was just beautiful! I wanted this beautiful water birthing my little mermaid. Unfortunately I had too much fluid and she ended up having shoulder dystocia. This could have been bad, but my team was so amazing and on top of it! I didn’t think I had anything left but with one last push by sweet baby Natalia came out! Tori got her breathing and she is now 2 months old and perfectly healthy! No broken clavicle or issues! Just a happy and healthy baby, I have my birth team to thank for that! I’m still so thankful I choose a home birth and thankful for my birthing story!

-Anderson Family 

During my 1st pregnancy, I was unprepared and uninformed on my options and ended up getting an epidural. For my second 2nd delivery, I really wanted to go natural. Not knowing much about it, my husband and I decided to seek out a doula. We found Tori and as it turned out, she was exactly the support we needed during the pregnancy and birth of our second daughter.

She was able to answer all of our questions and put my mind at ease. The best part is she never pressured me or made me feel lesser for the decisions I made. With Tori’s guidance and expertise, I was able to successfully have a natural birth without the use of an epidural or any type of drugs! I am forever grateful for Tori being there for me and will seek her out in a heartbeat if I ever get pregnant again!


“Congratulations! No doubt this is an exciting time! I just had my first baby five months ago. Tori was there from me from start to finish. Tori was always ready to answer all of my never ending questions about pregnancy and motherhood in general. She always made me feel comfortable. Unfortunately, I was not able to have my planned home birth experience. After a very long labor my body tired, which

made my uterus stop contracting. Tori made sure that I knew that I was in control of the situation. She explained to me what was happening within my body. She never pushed me to continue on laboring at
home. Instead she kept me focused and arranged for a hospital birth.


Tori never left my side. She made sure that I was admitted right away, and that I understood all my available options. Tori was a calming force during my labor. Once my baby was born, the doctors said that there was a possibility that he may have cystic fibrosis. I was terrified. Thankfully, it turned out to be a false positive. During the time that I had to wait for the final results of his test; Tori was there. She reassured me that no matter what the results, I would not be alone in finding the resources that I needed to care for my son. I am forever thankful for her reassuring hugs

– Priscilla

This was a second home birth for our family and of course we wanted Tori to be our midwife again for round two! Haha I have 3 kids my first was born in a hospital, induction, Pitocin, epidural and the whole nine haha (nothing wrong with that! You birth where you are most comfortable 🤗) So when we were having our second and really wanted to do home birth but didn’t know where to start we were introduced to Tori and we immediately clicked! She made us feel so comfortable and addressed all and any questions or concerns that we had. Then I was pregnant with my third it wasn’t even a question that Tori would be our midwife again🫶🏽

– Jessica