Tori Hinkle

Are you a good candidate for homebirth?

In order to have a safe delivery at home, we need to determine if you are considered ‘low-risk’. Low-risk means that the chances of you needing medical intervention during birth is considered ‘low’. Women who fall into this category tend to be the best candidates for homebirth. These are my own guidelines for discussing risk and they may differ from midwife to midwife depending on experience and training.

​This certainly does not go over every possible scenario, but it is a good starting point when considering whether or not homebirth is for you. During prenatal care we focus on preventative and holistic care. Often we may see minor complications like anemia (low iron) come up and as a midwife I am able to make suggestions that may help resolve those issues naturally, prior to delivery.

You are a fantastic candidate for homebirth if you are generally healthy and…

You have had a previous vaginal/unmedicated birth before.
You have had a previous vaginal birth that was uncomplicated.
This is your first baby and you have an uncomplicated gynecological history.

If you have any of the following, it does not risk you out of having a homebirth, but your midwife may monitor more closely or include a physician in your care…

You have had multiple miscarriages.
You are pregnant with the help of IVF.
You have had one previous cesarean birth.
You are considered advanced maternal age, but have an uncomplicated gynecological history.

If, for any reason a client risks out of having a home delivery during their pregnancy, I am still able to provide further prenatal appointments as well as postpartum and newborn care for 6-8 weeks after delivery.