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Postpartum Doula Services

Advanced Labor Doula Services

Postpartum Doulas are a trained professional that provides physical, emotional, and spiritual, support and guidance to a new mother and the rest of the family. The Postpartum Doulas is a reference point, assistant and resource for the family in the postpartum period. In addition the Postpartum Doula will also provide breastfeeding support, light household chores, nurture and advice where the family has questions about newborn care and support other members of the family.​ 
Working with the parents the Postpartum Doula can assist in making the transition to parenthood and a successful breastfeeding and family relationships easier. The Postpartum Doula does not take over infant care, but supports and assists the family in learning about newborn, self and family care. They work to empower parents and family members in feeling secure in their care skills. We teach our Postpartum Doulas the most advanced support techniques and equip them with the best family skills. Becoming a Postpartum Doula online, or through distance learning means you can learn at your own pace, and work with local families.​  
A Postpartum Doula will not make or give medical advice, or perform any medical procedures. They do offer education and support and assists the family in finding answers and resources. Postpartum Doulas should work well with children, be patient, non-judgmental, communicate well, and knowledgeable about newborn care and breastfeeding.​Postpartum Doula Rate.