Tori Hinkle

My name is Tori Hinkle. I am a mother of an amazing little boy named Ryker and a beautiful daughter named Charleigh

About Me

I originally wanted to be a nurse so after high school I started taking classes at CSN then I went to PIMA medical institute to become a medical assistant. Shortly after graduating to become a medical assistant I moved to Fort Hood, Texas with the Army where I continued my nursing education. I moved back to Vegas and when my son was 4 months old I went back to work at Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center. While working there I realized I was not happy with the field I was in and that I wanted to provide a different type of care for the patients I work with. That’s when I reached out to Well Rounded Momma to become a Doula and Midwifery education and training. Since I have been with Well Rounded Momma I truly feel like I have found my life’s calling.


I believe that being pregnant and giving birth is the most beautiful journey a woman can take. Not only do you get a precious baby but you become a mother. The birth of your child is something you take with you and keep in your heart forever. I would love to be the person to support you and your family as you take this journey into motherhood!


I have been attending births since 2014 and I attend homebirths as a Midwife and hospital births as an Advanced Labor Doula. I have experience with

waterbirth, breech, military families, multiples, teens, over 40, VBAC, cesarean, and high risk births.

Training &Education

  • 2011 PIMA medical Institute – CMA
  • 2012 Nursing School (not currently registered or licensed as a nurse)
  • 2015- Current Recertification adult & infant/ child CPR
  • 2015 Well Rounded Momma – CLD
  • 2015 NARM Midwifery Apprenticeship
  • 2016- Current Neonatal Resuscitation
  • 2015 Usui Holy Fire Reiki 1 training
  • 2016 Usui Holy Fire Reiki 2 training
  • 2016 Birth Emergency Skills Training (BEST) for the out-of-hospital midwife
  • 2017 Newborn Assessment & Fetal Surveillance
  • 2017 Stick ‘Em Up IV Therapy
  • 2017 IPPA & WRM Placenta Preparation Training
  • 2017 Postpartum Training IPPA
  • 2018 NACPM Midwifery Symposium: Cultural Competency, Homebirth Summit, ICM Standards For Midwifery
  • 2018 Community Healthworker Training
  • 2018 WHO & CDC Child Growth Assessment Training
  • 2020 Midwives Responding To Disasters
  • 2020 Cultural Competency, Mercy In Action
  • 2020 Pharmacology for Midwives Including GBS Treatment
  • 2020 Certified Professional Midwife Credential
  • 2021Suturing In Midwifery Practice
  • 2021 In’s & Out’s of Venipuncture IV Certification
  • 2021 Basic Prenatal Ultrasound In Real Midwifery Practice
  • 2021 Midwifery Bridge Certificate – NARM
  • 2021 Jaundice: Friend or Foe?
  • 2021 Placentophagy: Frequency,Rationale and Associated Neonatal Outcomes
  • 2021 The New Normal For Newborn Weight Loss
  • 2022 Breech Without Borders
  • 2022 Licensed Midwife in Arizona